Range Infinite Switch - WB21X5243

Range Infinite Switch - WB21X5243

Range surface infinite switch part number WB21X5243 is used on GE, Hotpoint, Kenmore and other ranges and ovens made by General Electric Corporation.

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Part # WB21X5243

Range infinite switch part number WB21X5243 is used on GE, Hotpoint, Kenmore and other free standing ranges, cooktops and drop in ranges. The infinite switch is typically located in the stove console.

This range infinite switch part number WB21X5243 is sometimes referred to as the "burner control switch", "infinite control" or "surface infinite switch". The purpose of the range infinite switch is to provide temperature control for the surface burners.

Always disconnect the power supply when working on ranges, ovens, and other electrical appliances. This infinite switch WB21X5243 can easily be damaged or you can be electrocuted if the electricity is not disconnected when replacing the infinite switches.

This range infinite switch WB21X5243 is an OEM "Original Equipment Manufacture" appliance part and is used with 8 inch or 6 inch surface elements.

Replaces: 301441, 301442, 301666, 301667, 301816, 301817, 301818, 301819, 301820, 304149, 305109, 305110, 305111, 305112, 306224, 306382, 306383, 307014, 307016, 315604, 315605, 315606, 320945, 320946, 320947, 320948, 320949, 321827, 324608, 324609, 330687, 334886, 334887, 334888, 334889, 334890, 334975, 335804, 336119, 336120, 337035, 339418, 339419, 342188, 342189, 342192, 342193, 342194, 342195, 342196, 344552, 344553, 345559, 4329028, 4337957, 4342710, 4342713, 4342723, 4342724, 8004908, WB21X181, WB21X183, WB21X185, WB21X186, WB21X189, WB21X190, WB21X209, WB21X210, WB21X211, WB21X222, WB21X226, WB21X227, WB21X228, WB21X229, WB21X230, WB21X233, WB21X237, WB21X238, WB21X239, WB21X240, WB21X241, WB21X242, WB21X244, WB21X245, WB21X5006, WB21X5007, WB21X5012, WB21X5013, WB21X5017, WB21X5018, WB21X5020, WB21X5022, WB21X5023, WB21X5024, WB21X5025, WB21X5026, WB21X5027, WB21X5028, WB21X5030, WB21X5091, WB21X5092, WB21X5093, WB21X5094, WB21X5113, WB21X5127, WB21X5150, WB21X5151, WB21X5154, WB21X5166, WB21X5167, WB21X5168, WB21X5169, WB21X5197, WB21X5198, WB21X5199, WB21X5200, WB21X5201, WB21X5202, WB21X5203, WB21X5204, WB21X5205, WB21X5206, WB21X5213, WB21X5214, WB21X5217, WB21X5217R, WB21X5218, WB21X5219, WB21X5225, WB21X5243R, WB21X5244, WB21X5245, WB21X5246, WB21X5247, WB21X5249, WB21X5353, WB23K5028, WB23K5030, WB23K5038, WB23X5092, WB23X5099, WB23X84, WB23X85, WB23X86, WB23X87, WB23X88, WB23X89, WB23X93, WB23X94, WB24X5281, WB24X5315, WB24X5333, WB24X5334, WB2X5212, WB30M5, WB32X5095,

Brands that use this range infinite switch: GE, Hotpoint, Kenmore and other brands by General Electric Corporation.

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