Washer Agitator - 3951744

Washer Agitator - 3951744

Agitator part number 3951744 is used on Roper, Estate, Kenmore and other washers made by Whirlpool Corporation.

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Part # 3951744

Agitator part number 3951744 is used on Whirlpool, Maytag, Estate, Roper, Inglis and some Kenmore standard, compact and heavy duty washing machines. The agitator is located in the main wash tub.

This washer agitator 3951744 is sometimes referred to as "agitator", "cloths mover", or "main agitator". The washer agitator moves back and forth to wash cloths.

If your agitator has an upper cloths mover it is best to buy extra agitator dogs part number 80040. You can install several sets of dogs for each rebuild.

Always disconnect the power supply when working on washers and other electrical appliances. The agitator 3951744 can easily be damaged or you can be electrocuted if the electricity is not disconnected when replacing the agitator.

Replaces: 547657 PS350868 AP3132864,

Brands that use this agitator repair kit: Roper, Estate, Kitchen Aid, Maytag, Kenmore and others made by Whirlpool Corporation.

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